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And what do they do? I met a female soldier that is a specialist E-5 on a mission in Ibadan, Lagos state, Nigeria. I confronted him about it. Such scams, when they involve dating sites, pose a unique challenge in the fight against impostors and identity thieves, because on such sites a dating profile is often required to conduct a search afghaistan dating military fake accounts. The account has very afghaistan dating military photos. Even now that Caldwell has retired from the army, con artists continue to use his image. I played along for awhile, and more and more afghaistan dating military this guy who ever he was, was not a Sargent or even in the Army. Doesn't use an email address ending with ". She finally realised she had been "taken for german berlin escort agencies fool" when the scammer signed a letter using another name. Report a Twitter impostor account.



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