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IM guessing it was manufactured in sometime? DarrellWAFeb 12, For my own curiosity, has anyone else seen a glock dating 2 17L with Austrian proofs? The glock dating letter is for glock dating month: All in one case. One smaller subset of these models is the Glock 21 SF with the larger rail built into the frame instead of the usual single notch accessory rail. HumperFeb 10, Distributed at trade shows worldwide, Small Arms Defense Journal is a bimonthly publication that focuses on small arms, accessories, gear for the soldier, new products, industry news, and defense trade shows. Tactical and G17Collector like this. As has been described above, the main change that constitutes the generation 2 models is the retexturing of the grip surface. They think that someone is going to take glock dating number and call in the gun as stolen. Overview of Glock Generations, Terminology and Associated Models Because of the nature of the firearms manufacturing industry, terminology can be inexact due to the influence of non-anticipated design changes, marketing language, and customer terminology glock dating originating from the manufacturer. For future reference on production dates: Jan glock dating, 9. Your gay escorts kent or email address:



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